Fine Arts

In photography there is a reality so subtle it becomes more real than reality.
— Alfred Stieglitz

"Stood Up (Lights)"

Early in my career, to build my portfolio, I did a lot of free photo shoots; commonly known as TFP (time for prints) shoots.  These shoots are a mutually beneficial arrangement for both photographer and model to gain experience and build/update their portfolios without the expense of paying for either's services.  I would post a casting, look through the portfolio of the model(s) whom reply, book the model(s), reserve the studio, set up the lights and then shoot the model(s).  However, more often than not, I would go through the aforementioned process and the day of the shoot the model(s) are a no-show.  No phone call, no text message, no e-mail.  With no forewarning at all I'm left ready to go with no one to photograph.

"This or That"

"The Cold Spot"

"It Begins With An Invitation"

"Strike Gently"

"I Dreamt of You..."

Last night I dreamt of you.  I took your hand in mine and felt perfection. The universe stood still and was in awe of your magnificence.  We were the masters of all creation, but most importantly our destinies.  The sun grew envious of your radiance; eclipsing its rays entirely.  Having you beside me gave me a feeling of serenity few attain and many seek.  Last night I dreamt of you, and I'll never have a sweeter dream.